New Pull-Up Seal with Tear-Away Feature is Secure, Safe and Simple


Posted by Steve Diebold

AC&M now makes a plastic pull up seal with new features that combine security and tamper evidence with safer and easier opening.

Our new Model SPT Pull-Up Seal is available in 6-inch and 12-inch strap lengths to fit a wide range of applications.


The smooth strap is pulled up tight through the one-way lock body and held by a secure stainless steel tab for a strong closure that resists pulling up to 35 lbs - avoiding accidental opening and allowing the user to pull the seal tightly in place to any length needed. Meanwhile the tear away strip lets the user open the seal with only 4 lbs of pull when the tab is gripped and pulled at the correct point using just your fingers.

This eliminates any need for cutting tools to open, so SPT is well suited to applications where cutting tools are not readily available or not safe to have present. These include applications like voting boxes and counting machines, transport and storage of medicine, including nuclear medicine. Sealing courier packs, fire extinguishers, emergency valves and many other critical closures.

The smooth edges and light pull requirement of the tear tab for removal helps prevent cuts or other injuries to the person who opens the SPT seals.


With SPT2 there are numerous options for varying colors and markings, including logos custom lettering, and barcodes. Varying colors and custom marking make the seals easier to recognize as unique to the user, more readily adapted to a tracking and monitoring program, and more difficult to tamper, alter or clone.


Recent events point to a need for a seal from a trusted US producer especially for sensitive applications like election equipment, confidential data containers and ports, and public institutions. AC&M is a 112-year-old, privately held and ISO certified supplier of commercial and military seals. We are registered with most US government and military agencies, plus international government and regulatory entities worldwide, including the UN. This new AC&M seal is one of hundreds we offer that can be used with confidence that they are genuine, and secure.

For more information or samples contact a security seal expert at AC&M via the web site or your phone.